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1/5/16 at 10:14 AM
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  • “You think hell shuts down after a couple of years? You think what you've done isn't, isn't floating around somewhere in space? What makes you think you've been forgiven for lying to your mother as a child, huh? Or of having slept with married men in adultery or paying taxes that turn Central America into a mud puddle, huh?”
    Lili Taylor - Kathleen Conklin
    [Tag:forgiveness, hell, sin]
  • “- Mr. Brocklehurst: And what is hell? Can you tell me that?
    - Young Jane Eyre: A pit full of fire.
    - Mr. Brocklehurst: And should you like to fall into that pit, and to be burning there forever?
    - Young Jane Eyre: No sir.
    - Mr. Brocklehurst: What must you do to avoid it?
    - Young Jane Eyre: Keep well and not die, sir.”

    John Wood - Mr. Brocklehurst
    Anna Paquin - Young Jane Eyre
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  • “Why would we go to hell? We're not bad, we're not exactly good or anything, but at least we don't go around killing people!”
    Elden Henson - Pnub
  • - Drew Baylor: I'm gonna have to call you back.
    - Heather Baylor: Okay, just dial "hell" and I'll answer.

    Orlando Bloom - Drew Baylor
    Judy Greer - Heather Baylor
    [Tag:hell, telephone]
  • “I ask you what is it worth when we have undeniable truth...yes! Incontrovertible evidence that Hell exists! I know! I know my friends! I have been informed in visions that there is a place darker than any prison, hotter than any flame of human fire, where souls of unrepentant criminal sinners like yourselves!”
    Michael Gover - Prison Chaplain
    [Tag:hell, prison]