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12/7/10 at 5:23 PM
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  • “- Tomika: Why don't you go on a diet?
    - Dewey Finn: Because I like to eat! Is that such a crime?”

    Maryam Hassan - Tomika
    Jack Black - Dewey Finn
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  • “Never underestimate the effect of a poor diet. Too much protein, not enough zinc. Next thing you know, you're cutting up bodies in the bathtub. I mean, look at Hitler. He was a vegetarian. The brother was seriously malnourished.”
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  • “I want you to think of what you ate today. Got it? Now cut that in half, this is called a diet, people, everyone start one today! Darcy, you should stop eating. You see, when you skip a meal, your body feeds off its fat stores. And if you skip enough, maybe your body will eat your ass!”
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  • “- Frank Szabo: You girls eat like pigs. What happened to the diet?
    - Jeanie Szabo: I didn't eat anything yesterday.”

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    Sunny Johnson - Jeanie Szabo
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  • “- Jill: We don't want you to lose weight, we just want you to be healthy. Y'know, by eating less.
    - Alison Scott: Ok.
    - Jill: We would just like it if you go home and step on the scale, and write down how much you weigh, and subtract it by like, 20.
    - Alison Scott: 20.
    - Jill: And then weigh that much.”

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    Katherine Heigl - Alison Scott
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