• “- Mr. Ping: What was I supposed to do, huh? What if the pandas don't have food you like? You're never gonna be able to save the world on an empty stomach.
    - Li: Oh yes, about that. We can't share the location of the village with others. So...
    - Mr. Ping: Oh, you think I can't keep a secret, huh? I raised Po for twenty years before I finally told him he was adopted.
    - Li: Seriously?
    - Po: Yeah.
    - Li: OK, I guess it would be cruel to make you fly back.
    - Po: [amazed] You can fly?
    - Mr. Ping: I'm a bird, Po.”

    Mr. Ping has stowed away in Po's travel bag

    James Hong - Mr. Ping
    Javier Bardem - Li
    Jack Black - Po
Quote details Movie (Kung Fu Panda 3)

10/29/18 at 11:29 PM
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