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1/24/15 at 8:46 AM
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  • “- Chuck Clarke: You mean you bought a camel?
    - Lyle Rogers: No, I didn't really buy it. They sold it to me! I think that something went wrong and now I own a blind camel. A blind camel!”

    Dustin Hoffman - Chuck Clarke
    Warren Beatty - Lyle Rogers
    [Tag:animals, business]
  • “- Nina Ivanovna Yakushova aka Ninotchka: Why should you carry other people's bags?
    - Porter: Well, that's my business, Madame.
    - Nina Ivanovna Yakushova aka Ninotchka: That's no business. That's social injustice.
    - Porter: That depends on the tip.”

    Greta Garbo - Nina Ivanovna Yakushova aka Ninotchka
  • “- Gaston Monescu: If I were your father, which fortunately I am not, and you made any attempt to handle your own business affairs, I would give you a good spanking - in a business way, of course.
    - Madame Mariette Colet: What would you do if you were my secretary?
    - Gaston Monescu: The same thing.
    - Madame Mariette Colet: You're hired.”

    Herbert Marshall - Gaston Monescu
    Kay Francis - Madame Mariette Colet
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  • “Few people on this planet knows what it is to be truly despised. Can you blame them? I earn a living fronting an organization that kills 1200 people a day. The face of cigarettes, the Colonel Sanders of nicotine.”
    Aaron Eckhart - Nick Naylor
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  • - Luis Cali: What does your father do, William?
    - William "Billy" Tepper: He's a contractor.
    - Luis Cali: According to this he owns the third largest construction company in the world.
    - William "Billy" Tepper: Yeah, he's a contractor.

    Andrew Divoff - Luis Cali
    Sean Astin - Billy Tepper
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