“Thank You For Smoking” quotes

Movie Thank You For Smoking
Jason Reitman directed this movie in 2005
Title Thank You For Smoking
Original title Thank You for Smoking
Year 2005
Director Jason Reitman
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Nick Naylor, Polly Daley and Bobby Jay Bliss form the MOD Squad, that means the 'Merchants of Death Squad', and they all work for cigarettes, alcohol or weapons industries. Nick is the Big Tobacco spokesman and has to defend smokers' rights. To fight the battle against the health fanatics, Nick participates to many talk show and always gets the better of his opponents. He's very successful indeed and manages to advertise cigarettes even in the movies, but a series of revelations put his career at risks.
All actors – Joan Lunden, Eric Haberman, Aaron Eckhart, Mary Jo Smith, Todd Louiso, Jeff Witzke, J.K. Simmons, Marianne Muellerleile, Cameron Bright, Alex Diaz, Jordan Garrett, Courtney Taylor Burness
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