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6/17/05 at 11:46 PM
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  • - FBI Director Womack: Just clippers, no scissors.
    - Paul the Hotel Barber: No scissors, you've got to be kidding me, no scissors. I mean, did they tell Picasso "no brush"?
    - FBI Director Womack: With scissors, this man could kill you.

    John Spencer - F.B.I. Director Womack
    Anthony Clark - Paul the Hotel Barber
    [Tag:killing, risk, weapons]
  • “- Tom Welles: I'm gonna kill you, Eddie. I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna leave you here just like you left her.
    - Eddie Poole: You're not gonna kill me. You don't have it in you. What are you gonna do? You gonna shoot me with you own gun, huh? Registered in your name? You really fucking thought this through, didn't you, genius?”

    Nicolas Cage - Tom Welles
    James Gandolfini - Eddie Poole
    [Tag:courage, killing, risk]
  • “- Professor Abraham Van Helsing: Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him. He must be beheaded. I suggest you use your big Bowie knife.
    - Quincey P. Morris: Well, I wasn't plannin' on getting that close, Doc.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Abraham Van Helsing
    Billy Campbell - Quincey P. Morris
  • “- Clara: Have you ever heard of Candyman?
    - Billy: No.
    - Clara: Well, his right hand is sawn off, and he has a hook jammed in the bloody stump. And if you look in the mirror... and you say his name five times... he'll appear behind you, breathing down your neck. You want to try it?”

    Marianna Elliott - Clara
    Ted Raimi - Billy
    [Tag:killing, monster, risk]
  • “- Antonio de Marchena: Two minutes and you're already a dead man.
    - Columbus: For telling the truth?
    - Antonio de Marchena: Yes. They are burning people for less.”

    Fernando Rey - Marchena
    [Tag:killing, risk, truth]