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2/26/13 at 4:07 AM
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  • “- Travis Henderson: This is not a place to bring a fancy woman. Wouldn't you say? If you had a fancy woman, would you bring her in a place like this?
    - Hunter Henderson: What's a fancy woman?”

    Harry Dean Stanton - Travis Henderson
    Hunter Carson - Hunter Henderson
    [Tag:fancy, place, women]
  • “- Ralph: Welcome, Mrs. P.L. Travers, to the city of angels.
    - P.L. Travers: It smells... of...
    - Ralph: Jasmine?
    - P.L. Travers: Chlorine, and sweat.”

    Paul Giamatti - Ralph
    Emma Thompson - P.L. Travers
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  • “In the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to what he's been thinking about all winter.”
    Cary Grant - Jerry Warriner
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  • - Steven Carter: School's full of tossers.
    - Linda: Oh, I bet you fancy half of them.
    - Steven Carter: No way.
    - Linda: Not even him? John Dixon. He's sex on legs.
    - Steven Carter: I know... Every time I see his "Head Boy" badge I wish it was an invitation!
    - Linda: Sure wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating biscuits.

    Ben Silverstone - Steven Carter
    Charlotte Brittain - Linda
    [Tag:boy, fancy]
  • “- Wendy: Romeo, Romeo, cover me in honey and suck it off with a straw.
    - Jessica: What?
    - Wendy: God. He's perfect.
    - Jessica: Fancy him, do you?
    - Wendy: He can pass me his baton any day.”

    Kate McEnery - Wendy
    Stacy Hart - Jessica