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11/11/16 at 5:43 PM
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  • “- Spc. Sgt. Hawkins: In those 18 months, how many times have you and your men taken a hill, village, or piece of ground only to return it back to the enemy days later?
    - Sgt. Holt: So?
    - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins: Don't you get it? They're not gonna let us win. Because if we win, the war stops and if the war stops, the money stops.”

    John Cianetti - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins
    Fritz Matthews - Sgt. Holt
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  • “We of the Conservative government think that it's appalling to spend billions on nuclear weapons if they're not going to be used.”
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  • “Is that why you're here, Colonel? Some kind of post-Vietnam experience like you need a rerun or something? You pour a hundred twenty million bucks into this place, you turn it into a military zone, so what, so you can have chopper parades in the sky?”
    James Woods - Richard Boyle
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  • “- Halina: We could hide the money. Look here. We can hide the money under the flower pots.
    - Father: No, no, no, no, I'll tell you what we do. We use tried and tested methods. You know what we did in the last war? We made a hole in the table leg and hid the money in there.
    - Henryk: And suppose they take the table away?”

    Jessica Kate Meyer - Halina
    Frank Finlay - Father
    Ed Stoppard - Henryk
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  • “They called guys like us war dogs. Bottom feeders who make money off of war without ever stepping foot on the battlefield. It was supposed to be derogatory, but... we kind of liked it.”
    Miles Teller - David Packouz
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