• “- Walter White: Jesse, look at me, you are a blow fish.
    - Jesse Pinkman: What?
    - Walter White: A blow fish, think about it. Small in stature, not swift, not cunning, easy prey for predators. But the blow fish has a secret weapon, doesn't he? Doesn't he? What does the blow fish do, Jesse? What does the blow fish do?
    - Jesse Pinkman: I don't even know what...
    - Walter White: The blow fish puffs up, okay? The blow fish puffs himself up four, five times larger than normal, but why? Why does he do that? Because it makes him intimidating, that's why. Intimidating so that the other scarier fish are scared off and that's you. You are a blow fish. Don't you see? It's just all–all an illusion. It's nothing but air. Now, who messes with the blow fish, Jesse?
    - Jesse Pinkman: Nobody.
    - Walter White: You're damn right.”

    Season 2, Ep. 7, 'Negro Y Azul'

    Bryan Cranston - Walter White
    Aaron Paul - Jesse Pinkman
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10/8/19 at 12:01 AM
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