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10/18/06 at 5:43 AM
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  • “Sean, I think there are some hooligans in the park again.”

    Mary Tempest - Sean's Wife
    [Tag:killing, monster]
  • “- Lindsey: I'm scared!
    - Laurie Strode: There's nothing to be scared of.
    - Tommy: Are you sure? How?
    - Laurie Strode: I killed him...
    - Tommy: But you can't kill the boogeyman!”

    Kyle Richards - Lindsey
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Laurie Strode
    Brian Andrews - Tommy
    [Tag:fear, killing, monster]
  • “- George Lawrence: How can they use depth bombs against something they can't even see?
    - Steve Martin: Same way they look for a submarine - sonar. Oh, they'll find him all right. The big question is, will they kill him?”

    Mikel Conrad - George Lawrence
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
    [Tag:killing, monster]
  • “- Canton: The Ottoia are very crafty. They hide in burrows. They catch their victims with spiny living tentacles. Then they crush them between massive jaws.
    - Trillian St. James: Then they eat you, right?
    - Canton: No, they drink you. They drink you alive. Sucking all the fluids out of the body before excreting the skeletal remains.”

    Anthony Heald - Simon Canton
    Famke Janssen - Trillian St. James
  • “- Clara: Have you ever heard of Candyman?
    - Billy: No.
    - Clara: Well, his right hand is sawn off, and he has a hook jammed in the bloody stump. And if you look in the mirror... and you say his name five times... he'll appear behind you, breathing down your neck. You want to try it?”

    Marianna Elliott - Clara
    Ted Raimi - Billy
    [Tag:killing, monster, risk]