• “- Zelda Spooner: I suppose you have never heard of the Beatles either.
    - Dino: Oh sure. And I can sing better than all three of them.
    - Zelda Spooner: There are four of them!
    - Dino: Oh, haven't you heard? One of them got his hair caught in his guitar and was electrocuted.
    - Zelda Spooner: You can make jokes about them but they're young and they're popular, while you...
    - Dino: What about me?
    - Zelda Spooner: Let's face it, you are over the hill.
    - Dino: Sure you do know how to hurt a fellow.”

    Felicia Farr - Zelda
    Dean Martin - Dino
Quote details Movie (Kiss Me, Stupid)

9/6/19 at 12:01 AM
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