“Alien: Resurrection” quotes

Movie Alien: Resurrection
Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed this movie in 1997
Title Alien: Resurrection
Year 1997
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action
Plot – In two hundred years, on 'Auriga' spaceship a difficult cloning experiment has finally been completed successfully. Clone 8, called Ripley, is alive and is well. What's more, during the experiment Ripley has been practiced an abortion and she has been separated from her alien fetus. Now the clone doesn't remember her past and she becomes an evil one, meanwhile a scientist is still conducting strange experiments.
All actors – Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Michael Wincott, Kim Flowers, Dan Hedaya, J.E. Freeman, Brad Dourif, Raymond Cruz, Leland Orser, Carolyn Campbell, Marlene Bush, David St. James, Rodney Mitchell, Robert Faltisco, David Rowe, Garrett House, Rod Damer, Mark Mansfield, Daniel Raymont, Cris D'Annunzio, Steven Gilborn, Robert Bastens, Rico Bueno, Alex Lorre, Ronald Ramessar, Nicole Fellows, Tom Woodruff Jr., Joan La Barbara, Archie Hahn, Nito Larioza, Brad Martin, David Prior, Nevada Vargas, Eddie Yansick
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