“Angel Eyes” quotes

Movie Angel Eyes
Title Angel Eyes
Year 2001
Director Luis Mandoki
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Sharon Pogue is a Chicago police agent. One day, during a firefight, she's saved by Catch, an eccentric young guy who wanders in the neighborhood. They make friendship and Sharon wants to know more about him. At a party, a guest recognizes Catch as Steve Lambert, who had an accident in which his wife died and that caused him to lose his memory. Catch doesn't remember anything but instinctively he goes to visit the grave of his wife, feeling responsible for the accident. Thanks to Sharon, he begins to heal.
All actors – Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel, Jeremy Sisto, Terrence Howard, Sonia Braga, Victor Argo, Monet Mazur, Shirley Knight, Daniel Magder, Guylaine St-Onge, Connor McAuley, Jeremy Ratchford
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