“Jersey Girl” quotes

Movie Jersey Girl
Kevin Patrick Smith directed this movie in 2004
Title Jersey Girl
Year 2004
Director Kevin Smith
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Ollie Trinke lives in Manhattan and has a beautiful wife, a good job as a publicist and a baby on the way. In a short time his wife dies and, to care for her daughter, he loses his job. From New York he's forced to settle in a New Jersey suburb. When Ollie has almost totally lost all his hopes, he meets a sweet girl, Maya, who makes him understand life can always reserve new surprises.
All actors – Betty Aberlin, Matt McFarland, Sarah Stafford, Paulie Litt, Christian Fan, Victor Chavez, William Mace, Raquel Castro, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Jennifer Lopez, George Carlin, Stephen Root, Mike Starr, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jason Biggs, Jada Copeland Goodman, Alice Schaerer, Brian T. Delaney, Carol Florence, Matthew Maher, Robert McKay, Ernest O'Donnell, Cymande Lewis, Dan Etheridge, Mark Jwayad, Jason Lee, Matt Damon, Liv Tyler, Charles Gilbert, Charles McCloskey, Matthew Cloran, Tom Cleary, John Willyung, Edward Janda, Anthony Bosco, Louis Centanni, Meghan Elizabeth, Keith Moyer, Anthony Parrulli, Christopher Pickhardt, David C. Roehm Sr., Lisa Roumain, Antonio Saillant, Charley Scalies, Faith Shin, Hope Shin, Harley Quinn Smith, Will Smith, Ron Suchoplas
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