“Bless the Child” quotes

Movie Bless the Child
Title Bless the Child
Year 2000
Director Chuck Russell
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – This is a paranormal thriller based on a novel by Cathy Cash Spellman. Maggie O'Connor is a nurse who takes care of mentally ill patients. One day, when her nephew Cody - who suffers from autism - is kidnapped by the followers of a satanic cult, the woman has to face evil's forces. With the help of an FBI agent, O'Connor tries little by little to find the truth, concerning even other children's disappearance, born on the same day of Cody.
All actors – Kim Basinger, Jimmy Smits, Holliston Coleman, Rufus Sewell, Angela Bettis, Christina Ricci, Michael Gaston, Lumi Cavazos, Dimitra Arliss, Eugene Lipinski, Anne Betancourt, Ian Holm, Helen Stenborg, Matthew Lemche, Dan Warry-Smith, Elisabeth Rosen, Tony Del Rio, Nicole Lyn, Michael McLachlan, Jonathan Malen, Vince Corazza, David Eisner, Gary Hudson, Samantha O'Dwyer, Nicolas Martí Salgado, Marcia Bennett, Peter Mensah, Yan Birch, Alexa Gilmour, Wanda-Lee Evans, Cedric Smith, Dwayne McLean, Brenda Devine, Lauren Spring, Christopher Redman, Jovanni Sy, Trevor Bain, Brian Heighton, Christopher Marren, Todd Schroeder, John Healy, Dylan Harman, David Sparrow, Michael Copeman, Neil Girvan, Carol Lempert, Kelvin Wheeler, Tony Meyler, Richard Carmichael, Roman Podhora, Dean Gabourie, Arnold Pinnock, Teresa Pavlinek, Jeffrey Caudle, Catherine Fitch, Neville Edwards, John Shepherd, Norma Edwards, Leeza Gibbons, Dan Duran, Sandi Stahlbrand, Mia Lee, Matt Birman, Meredith McGeachie, Henry Alessandroni, Austin Reed, Corrina Reed, Brianna Reed, Lori Berlanga, Philip Moran, Brian Steele, Jennifer Vey
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  • “The devil's greatest achievement is that people don't believe he exists. Nowadays, the concept of evil is politically incorrect.”
    Sir Ian Holm - Reverend Grissom
    [Tag:devil, evil, faith]
  • “- Eric Stark: Watch. If God loves his children so much, maybe he'll stop this. Redeem him, somehow. Or maybe the release I've offered him is his only salvation.
    - Cody: He hasn't forgotten you.”

    Rufus Sewell - Eric Stark
    Holliston Coleman - Cody
    [Tag:god, punishment]
  • “- Eric Stark: Maggie, are you really going to shoot me in front of Cody?
    - Maggie O'Connor: Close your eyes, honey.”

    Rufus Sewell - Eric Stark
    Kim Basinger - Maggie O'Connor
  • “- Woman on Bus: Star of Yakov. What they be callin' the Christmas star. Ain't been seen since Bethlehem. And now it's here.
    - Maggie O'Connor: That's nice.
    - Woman on Bus: Oh, yes. It's very nice. It's a good sign for all good people. It means someone special come from God. What do ya think 'bout that?
    - Maggie O'Connor: I don't know, I'm not...” (continue)
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    Wanda-Lee Evans - Woman on Bus
    Kim Basinger - Maggie O'Connor
    [Tag:belief, god, miracle]
  • “- Bugatti: There's a rumor that before you joined the precinct you were a priest.
    - John Travis: I was a seminary student, I didn't make it as far as priesthood.
    - Bugatti: Still, that is some kind of makeover. What happened?
    - John Travis: I found another way to fight him... Okay, ready?
    - Bugatti: ...Fight who?”

    Michael Gaston - Det. Frank Bugatti
    Jimmy Smits - John Travis
  • “A good man is never alone in this world.”
    Peter Mensah - Good Samaritan Janitor
  • “Jump, Cody, jump. If you believe in God, jump. And if not, you come to me. What do you believe in, Cody? My hand - it's here, you can see it. Satan rules it and it will protect you always... Or his hand? Is it there? Or isn't it? Will he catch you or not? If you believe, Cody, jump. Jump!”
    Rufus Sewell - Eric Stark
  • “- Cheri: About a yearago, they started hunting children.
    - Maggie O'Connor: What does this have to do with Cody?
    - Cheri: They believe she's the one they have been looking for. She's going to lead people to God, Maggie. Eric is going to try to change her, and if not...
    - Maggie O'Connor: Slaughter of the Innocents.
    - Cheri: Do you promise to...” (continue)
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    Christina Ricci - Cheri
    Kim Basinger - Maggie O'Connor
    [Tag:danger, daughter]