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Movie Captain Ron
Title Captain Ron
Year 1992
Director Thom Eberhardt
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Martin Harvey has a family, a job and some debts like many others. One day he discovers a dying uncle has left him a boat, so Martin and his family - his wife Khaterine, his teenage daughter Caroline and the lively eleven-year-old Benjamin - imagine cruises and amusements in the Caribbean Sea, while actually Khaterine would like to sell it to pay their mortgages and debts. To do so, they must pick the boat up at the dock and deliver it to a marine agency. They need a skipper, so Harvey meets Captain Ron, a tall, young, blond haired and pirate-looking guy. Not only the Harvey's are entirely unaware of navigation concepts, but the boat is small and in poor condition too. They try however to set up what Martin thought to be a luxurious yacht, provided with wrong nautical maps too. Benjamin works hard under Ron's guidance and everyone gradually learns something about stays, riggings and the compass. The cruise and the good life onboard become soon a buried memory and they even take onboard a group of Cuban rebels.
All actors – Kurt Russell, Martin Short, Mary Kay Place, Benjamin Salisbury, Meadow Sisto, Sunshine Logroño, Jorge Luis Ramos, J.A. Preston, Tanya Soler, Raúl Estela, Jainardo Batista, Dan Butler
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