“Driven” quotes

Movie Driven
Renny Harlin directed this movie in 2001
Title Driven
Year 2001
Director Renny Harlin
Genre Drama, Sport, Action
Plot – In the exciting world of car races, the pilot Jimmy Bly, who still can’t express his talent, is going through a period of crisis. The fault is in his brother and manager, who puts a lot of pressure on him, and the troubled relationship with Sophia, his rival’s girlfriend. The stable’s owner, Carl Henry, supports Jimmy and asks Jo Tanto to help him. Jo was a champion whose career broke off after a tragic accident. To push Jimmy to limit, Jo has to go through his sad past, running away from a petulant journalist and meeting up after years with his ex-wife Cathy, who is now another pilot’s girfliend.
All actors – Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Kip Pardue, Stacy Edwards, Til Schweiger, Gina Gershon, Estella Warren, Cristián de la Fuente, Brent Briscoe, Robert Sean Leonard, Verona Pooth, Jasmin Wagner, Chip Ganassi, John Della Penna, Dan Duran, Robert Smith, Richard Zeppieri, Tino Monte, Brian Heighton, Renny Harlin, Luukas Harlin, Peter Kosaka, Frank Blanch, Barry Stillwell, Brett Heard, Phillip MacKenzie, Liz West, Michael Boisvert, Jeffrey Knight, Wayne Best, Jane Moffat, Jake Simons, Jean Alesi, Michael Andretti, Kenny Bräck, Patrick Carpentier, Cristiano Da Matta, Adrian Fernández, Christian Fittipaldi, Dario Franchitti, Luiz Garcia Jr., Mauricio Gugelmin, Michel Jourdain Jr., Tony Kanaan, Juan Pablo Montoya, Roberto Moreno, Max Papis, Oriol Servia, Alex Tagliani, Paul Tracy, Jimmy Vasser, Jacques Villeneuve, , Alison Armitage, Andrew Charlton, Ed Cray, Mark Finney, Bruce Flanders, Tony Lee Gratz, Gwenne Hudson, Brian Jennings, Ted Kavouris, William Lucas, Maureen Mendoza, John Sanford Moore, Rana Morrison, Michael Sercerchi, Dean Teaster, John Thurner
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  • “- Jimmy Bly: That guy is ice.
    - Sophia Simone: To you, he's ice. Inside, he's scared. But he likes it. He says it makes him try harder. Today he says the day he's not afraid is the day he'll stop. You know, you're just as scared.”

    Kip Pardue - Jimmy Bly
    Estella Warren - Sophia Simone
    [Tag:fear, self-love]
  • “The day you stop caring what other people think and make yourself happy will be even better.”
  • “- Sophia Simone: Hi, I'm Sophia.
    - Demille Bly: That's your problem.”

    Estella Warren - Sophia Simone
    Robert Sean Leonard - Demille Bly
    [Tag:name, rudeness]
  • “- Beau Brandenburg: What would you do?
    - Joe Tanto: Me? To get someone back that I really loved? To get that rock out of my stomach? I'd crawl.”

    Til Schweiger - Beau Brandenburg
    Sylvester Stallone - Joe Tanto
    [Tag:love, prudence]
  • “- Carl Henry: What about the fear?
    - Joe Tanto: It's gone.
    - Carl Henry: The fear is never gone.”

    Burt Reynolds - Carl Henry
    Sylvester Stallone - Joe Tanto
    [Tag:courage, fear]
  • “- Jimmy Bly: What are you doing?
    - Sophia Simone: Swimming.
    - Jimmy Bly: Swimming? That's swimming to you, huh? I don't think that's swimming; that's, uh... a little beyond. I've never seen anything like that. Pretty fantastic.”

    Kip Pardue - Jimmy Bly
    Estella Warren - Sophia Simone
  • “- Beau Brandenburg: This is my life.
    - Sophia Simone: This is not your life! This is what you do for a living.
    - Beau Brandenburg: My mind has to be out there, not in here. So right now this is my life.
    - Sophia Simone: So, what am I? What am I?
    - Beau Brandenburg: A distraction.”

    Til Schweiger - Beau Brandenburg
    Estella Warren - Sophia Simone
    [Tag:career, choice, love]
  • “I got will and I got faith. I believe you can will yourself in anything and do anything. And faith, that is like believing in something, man, that's like having a good disease. It's contagious, if you hang around with people who have it you're gonna catch it, and it's gonna change your attitude.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Joe Tanto
    [Tag:attitude, faith, will]