“Dumb and Dumberer” quotes

Movie Dumb and Dumberer
Title Dumb and Dumberer
Original title Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Year 2003
Director Troy Miller
Genre Comedy
Plot – This movie is the prequel to the successful 'Dumb & Dumber' and sees, once again, the two main characters struggling with off-the-wall situations. Lloyd Christmas becomes Harry's best friend when they meet in high school. Lloyd is kind of a mentor for Harry, who up till then has always been home-schooled by his mother. While they try to get noticed at school, they accidentally fall into the trap of the corrupt Principal Collins and his girlfriend. Their plan is to make the boys become the first students of a fictitious "special student" class, stealing money from public subsidies, but a pretty reporter of the school newspaper, Jessica, suspecting something sinister, manages to involve the boys in a happy ending full of laughter.
All actors – Timothy Stack, Mimi Rogers, Wayne Federman, Lucas Gregory, Derek Richardson, Eric Christian Olsen, Luis Guzmán, Rachel Nichols, Elden Henson, Eugene Levy, Cheri Oteri, Holly Towne
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  • “Harry, why are you covered in poo?”

    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
  • “[Harry is about to throw away Lloyd's chipped tooth]
    - Lloyd Christmas: No! Wait - save it for the Tooth Fairy.
    - Harry Dunne: I happen to know for a fact that my mother is the Tooth Fairy.
    - Lloyd Christmas: No way! Your mom's the Tooth Fairy?
    - Harry Dunne: Yeah, she flies around at night while I'm asleep.
    - Lloyd Christmas: Well nice to meet...” (continue)
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    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
    Derek Richardson - Harry Dunne
    [Tag:christmas, fable]
  • “- Turk: [after Harry and Jessica and Harry finish talking] Hey Harry, did Jessica give you that banana in your pocket?
    - Harry Dunne: No, my mom did!
    - Turk: Gross!”

    Elden Henson - Turk
    Derek Richardson - Harry Dunne
  • “- Harry Dunne: You found my treasure? Why didn't you tell me?
    - Lloyd Christmas: Three words: I did.”

    Derek Richardson - Harry Dunne
    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
  • “Chicks are for fags.”
    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
  • “- Lloyd Christmas: You know, you're the first person I ever brought here, Harry.
    - Harry Dunne: Is this your special place?
    - Lloyd Christmas: No, I just usually eat in the crapper. Yeah. Saves time. Out with the old, in with the new.”

    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
    Derek Richardson - Harry Dunne
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • “I can turn all the faucets on in my house. Even the hose.”
    Dana Gould - Mr. Moffitt
    [Tag:ability, vanity]
  • “- Lloyd Christmas: Whoa! Look at Jessica, look at her milk bubbles, and her shorts are really short!
    - Harry Dunne: I know.
    - Lloyd Christmas: Yeah, last time I wore shorts that short, I got beat up!”

    Eric Christian Olsen - Lloyd Christmas
    Derek Richardson - Harry Dunne
    [Tag:clothes, fashion]