“Waiting” quotes

Movie Waiting
Title Waiting
Original title Waiting...
Year 2005
Director Rob McKittrick
Genre Comedy
Plot – It is dinner shift at the Shenanigan. Dan is an incompetent supervisor and entrusts the apprentice Mitch to Monty, an easygoing man that looks for girls for a one-night-stand. The waiter Dean feels he is wasting his life, so Dan offers him the position of assistant manager, giving him time till midnight to decide. Other waiters, chefs and helpers have their problems and personalities, and the kitchen hand Bishop is their confessor. During the shift, Monty will learn something, Dean will make up his mind, Dan will play with an almost-eighteen-year-old girl; the clients will be punished, the boys will act homophobic but the girls will not, and Mitch will have last say.
All actors – Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, David Koechner, Luis Guzmán, Chi McBride, John Francis Daley, Kaitlin Doubleday, Rob Benedict, Alanna Ubach, Vanessa Lengies, Max Kasch, Andy Milonakis, Dane Cook, Jordan Ladd, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Wendie Malick, Monica Monica, Travis Resor, J.D. Evermore, Clay Chamberlin, Skyler Stone, Melissa Morgan, Don Brady, Anne Ewen, Pat Hazell, Jordan Werner, Skylar Duhe, Ann Marie Guidry, Lauren Swinney, Wayne Ferrara, Richard Netzberger, Roland W. Hoffman, Dean Shull, Melissa Alonzo, Todd Voltz, Robb Conner, Matt, Shedric, Barbara Balentine, James L. Bills, Victor Brunette, Justin Groetsch, Raymond Lapino, Matthew D. Miller, Loronzo Nickleson, Brian Pitt, Shawn Sanz, Aaron Sauer, Lexi Shoemaker, Mathew Waring
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