“EXistenZ” quotes

Movie EXistenZ
David Paul Cronenberg directed this movie in 1999
Title EXistenZ
Original title eXistenZ
Year 1999
Director David Cronenberg
Genre Sci-Fi
Plot – EXistenZ' is a successful game based on advanced technology and developed by the leaders of Antenna Research. Allegra Geller has created the game and she's a determined and attractive woman. What makes 'EXistenZ' so real is the fact that the power button has to be plugged directly into the player's nervous system, through a spinal connector. However, some anti-'EXistenZ' forces sabotage the game and put a bounty on Allegra's head.
All actors – Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law, Ian Holm, Willem Dafoe, Don McKellar, Callum Keith Rennie, Christopher Eccleston, Sarah Polley, Robert A. Silverman, Oscar Hsu, Kris Lemche, Vik Sahay, Kirsten Johnson, James Kirchner, Balázs Koós, Stephanie Belding, Gerry Quigley
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