“First Monday in October” quotes

Movie First Monday in October
Ronald Neame directed this movie in 1981
Title First Monday in October
Year 1981
Director Ronald Neame
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – The Supreme Court of Justice of New York is made up of eight members, generally all men, called 'Brothers'. At the sudden death of Judge Morin, the President of the court appoints Judge Ruth Loomis, a young attractive widow of seven months, as his successor. The appointment creates havoc among the other judges, particularly in Judge Dan Snow, who does not hesitate to clash with her in several cases. After charges are brought against a large multinational, which has made a patent for an engine capable of powering a car without gasoline disappear, Snow convinces his colleague to incriminate the multinational. However, during the investigation, Ruth discovers compromising ties between the company and her deceased husband.
All actors – Walter Matthau, Jill Clayburgh, Barnard Hughes, Jan Sterling, James Stephens, Joshua Bryant, Wiley Harker, F.J. O'Neil, Charles Lampkin, Lew Palter, Richard McMurray, Herb Vigran, Edmund Stoiber, Noble Willingham, Richard McKenzie, Ann Doran, Dallas Alinder, Olive Dunbar, Hugh Gillin, James Brodhead, Arthur Adams, Nick Angotti, Jeanne Joe, Christopher Tenney, Richard Balin, Martin Agronsky, Ray Colbert, Bob Sherman, Carol Coggin, Sig Frohlich, Kenneth Du Main, Stanley Lawrence, Dick Winslow, Joe Terry, Sandy Chapin, Dudley Knight, Edwin M. Adams, Ronnie Thomas, Jeff Scheulen, Jonathan Charney, Mary Munday, Bebe Drake, Richard DeAngelis, Jim Vanko, William G. Clark, Wendy E. Taylor, Dale E. House, Susanna Britton, Tony Head, Martha Scott, Todd Stockman
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