“Hopscotch” quotes

Movie Hopscotch
Ronald Neame directed this movie in 1980
Title Hopscotch
Year 1980
Director Ronald Neame
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Mile Kendig, a CIA agent, arrests two KGB spies. Voluntarily he frees colonel Yaskov. Myerson, his superior, decides to make him work in the CIA archives to punish him. But the agent destroys his own dossier and travels to his house in Salzburg. He dedicates in writing a novel to reveal all the mistakes CIA has committed.
All actors – Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson, Sam Waterston, Ned Beatty, Herbert Lom, David Matthau, George Baker, Ivor Roberts, Lucy Saroyan, Severn Darden, George Pravda, Jacquelyn Hyde, Mike Gwilym, Terry Beaver, Ray Charleson, Christopher Driscoll, Michael Cronin, Roy Sampson, Douglas Dirkson, Anne Haney, Shan Wilson, Randal Patrick, Joe Dorsey, Candice Howard, Susan McShayne, Yolanda King, Anthony Carrick, Osman Ragheb, Roland Froehlich, Jeremy Young, Sally Nesbitt, Susan Engel, Joanna McCallum, Laura Whyte, Larry Larson, Seab Worthy, Danny Covington, Richard Moore, Philip Voss, Debra Hook, The Silversmith Band, Allan Cuthbertson
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