“Food of the Gods II” quotes

Movie Food of the Gods II
Title Food of the Gods II
Year 1989
Director Damian Lee
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror
Interpreted by
All actors – Paul Coufos, Lisa Schrage, Réal Andrews, Stuart Hughes, Karen Hines, Frank Pellegrino, Jackie Burroughs, Sean Mitchell, Colin Fox, David B. Nichols, Robert Kennedy, Michael Copeman
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  • “- Louis: What? Uh, you're gonna take a flamethrower for a rat?
    - Jacques: No, obesity-breath. This is no ordinary flamethrower. See, I modified this baby myself. I just find the rat, aim, and... kazoom.”

    Curly Howard - Louis
    Frank Moore - Jacques
  • “Dogs that can follow a scent in water.”
    Réal Andrews - Mark
    [Tag:dogs, perfume, water]
  • “This is the food of the gods! You realize how valuable this is? Big cows. Big fish. Big pigs. Food for everyone and anyone! We're talking the end of world hunger, here.”
    Frank Pellegrino - Joshua
    [Tag:food, hunger]
  • “I've seen an awful lot of rats in my time. Some big, some very, very small. But that was the Loch Ness monster of rats.”
    Frank Moore - Jacques
  • “Animals have rights! Animals have rights!”
    Réal Andrews - Mark
    [Tag:animals, rights]
  • “Finding rats is not a police matter. I've already got the exterminators on that.”
    David B. Nichols - Dean White
    [Tag:animals, police]
  • “- Edmund Delhurst: I came as fast as I could! This is incredible! How did you do this? Do you realize the possibilities?
    - Alex Reed: Your assistant is lying here dead, and all you can think of are the scientific possibilities?
    - Edmund Delhurst: How is the poor boy?”

    Colin Fox - Edmund Delhurst
    Lisa Schrage - Alex Reed
    [Tag:accident, science]
  • “You son of a bitch... I see you're smoking again... I smell it on your breath.”

    Frank Pellegrino - Joshua
  • “- Alex Reed: My friend was killed here last night.
    - Neil Hamilton: No one asked him to break in here.
    - Alex Reed: And who asked you to play god with these animals?”

    Lisa Schrage - Alex Reed
    Paul Coufos - Neil Hamilton
  • “The cells are multiplying at an incredible rate! Mitosis at the speed of light!”
    Colin Fox - Edmund Delhurst
  • “The animals keep checking in, but they don't check out, do they? You're not a scientist, you're an undertaker!”

    Réal Andrews - Mark
  • “- Dr. Treger: Bobby, I want you to meet my colleague, Dr. Hamilton.
    - Bobby: I'd like you to get the fuck outta here!
    - Dr. Treger: It's all right.
    - Bobby: Get out of here! Are you deaf? Get out of my room! Get out of here, you bitch, get out of here! Get out of my room!”

    Jackie Burroughs - Dr. Treger
    Sean Mitchell - Bobby
  • “Sometimes I think he loves you more than he loves me.”

    Lisa Schrage - Alex Reed
  • “We're wasting our time with animals, professor Delhurst. We give them massive doses of radiation so they'll lose their hair, then we try to make it grow back again, but it won't. Just end up dying from cancer.”
    Robert Kennedy - Brett
  • “Months of experiments, eleven different formulas, now a scalp transplant and it's still not working.”
    Colin Fox - Edmund Delhurst
  • “- Neil Hamilton: Dean, you can't ignore this.
    - Dean White: This is, uh, just a car accident.
    - Neil Hamilton: Since when do cars eat your liver?”

    Paul Coufos - Neil Hamilton
    David B. Nichols - Dean White
    [Tag:accident, cars]