“Heartbreak Hotel” quotes

Movie Heartbreak Hotel
Chris Columbus directed this movie in 1988
Title Heartbreak Hotel
Year 1988
Director Chris Columbus
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance
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Plot – A boy kidnaps Elvis Presley in order to help his depressed mother. The woman in fact is a great fan of Elvis but the entire family is upset by the event.
All actors – David Keith, Tuesday Weld, Charlie Schlatter, Angela Goethals, Jacque Lynn Colton, Chris Mulkey, Karen Landry, Tudor Sherrard, Paul J. Harkins, Noel Derecki, Dana Barron, T. Graham Brown
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  • “Son, you're talking to Elvis Presley! Do I look like a dating service?”
    Keith David - Elvis Presley
  • “You're kissing the same ass you used to kick.”
    Charlie Schlatter - Johnny Wolfe
  • “- Elvis Presley: Maybe I oughtta go back to the old way of doing things. Really rock 'em again!
    - Jerry Schilling: Hell, you can't afford to take a chance like that, E. What about your image?
    - Elvis Presley: Can't afford it? Man, when I was broke I could afford to do anything I wanted! Now I'm a millionaire. Can't afford to do a damned thing.”

    Keith David - Elvis Presley
    T. Graham Brown - Jerry Schilling
  • “- Elvis Presley: When I first met you, I didn't like you at all. I thought you were the most arrogant, selfish, ungrateful little bastard I'd ever met. Then I started to remember how much I was like that at your age.
    - Johnny Wolfe: Elvis, man. What happened at the talent show - thanks. I know you did that for me.
    - Elvis Presley: Hell no, kid....” (continue)
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    Keith David - Elvis Presley
    Charlie Schlatter - Johnny Wolfe