“High Crimes” quotes

Movie High Crimes
Title High Crimes
Year 2002
Director Carl Franklin
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Claire Kubik and her husband Tom are living a fabulous life in Marin, a county in California. Claire is a skilled lawyer and Tom is a successful businessman. One day an insignificant event shocks the couple’s life: Tom gets arrested because he is believed to have killed some civilians while he was a military undercover in Salvador. The man reveals his true identity: his name is Ron Chapman, but he says to be innocent so Claire represents him in front of the court. She is helped by Charlie Grimes, an ex-lawyer of the army who takes advantage of the situation to avenge himself. In the meantime, while the trial goes on, it turns out that many witnesses died or disappeared.
All actors – Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Jim Caviezel, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, Bruce Davison, Tom Bower, Juan Carlos Hernández, Michael Gaston, Jude Ciccolella, Emilio Rivera, Michael Shannon, John Billingsley, Dendrie Taylor, Paula Jai Parker, John Apicella, Dawn Hudson, Samuel Sheng, Florence Regina, Julie Remala, Kyle T. Heffner, Joe Mazza, Jesse Beaton, Wayne Terry, Maureen McVerry, Jake Gentry, Anthony C. Jackson, Julia Mendoza, Ray Hanis Jr., Don Bajema, Edith Bryson, Rusty Mahmood, Patsy Rust, Don J. Byron, Saiba Roberts, Adam Segen, Eddie Santiago, Arlen Escarpeta, Lucas Ford, Andrew Wesely, Alex Nesic, Cynthia Shope, Stephen Jared, Randy Mulkey, Karen Kahn, Paul Ghiringhelli, Elaine Corral Kendall, Danny Freeman, Linda Laing, Lee Whittaker, Alicia Kepler, Andy Arness, Al Burke, Cabran E. Chamberlain, James Cotner, Larry Laverty, James Marshall, Meghan McLeod, Melissa Molinaro, C. Andrew Nelson, James Olea, Alex Procopio
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  • “Lawyers are a waste of oxygen.”
    Emilio Rivera - Salvadoran Man
  • “You have no idea what it's like to see somebody you love killed right in front of you.”
    Julie Remala - Lisa Stenstrom
    [Tag:loss, love, murder]
  • “- Claire Kubik: Lieutenant, I am an attorney. May I please see the charging document?
    - Lt. Embry: We call it a charge sheet.
    - Claire Kubik: Fabulous. May I see it?”

    Ashley Judd - Claire Kubik
    Adam Scott - Lt. Terrence Embry
    [Tag:army, crime, lawyers]
  • “- Claire Kubik: But major, you were trained and often compelled to lie about your clandestine missions. As I understand it, you're trained to beat a polygraph. Is it true you possess that talent?
    - Maj. James Hernandez: I'd only use it if interrogated by the enemy, ma'm.
    - Claire Kubik: That's good to know. So tell me this major, do you consider...” (continue)
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    Ashley Judd - Claire Kubik
    Juan Carlos Hernández - Maj. James Hernandez
  • - Jackie: I just don't believe it. I refuse.
    - Charles W. Grimes: My assistant now used to say "truth is less fun than fiction".
    - Jackie: Terry would never do that!
    - Claire Kubik: Oh, you're screwin' him so you know him?
    - Jackie: Excuse me, Mrs Ron Chapman!

    Amanda Peet - Jackie
    Morgan Freeman - Charles W. Grimes
    Ashley Judd - Claire Kubik
    [Tag:knowledge, sex, truth]
  • “This is C.W. Grimes and associates. If you wanna talk to Charlie you should leave a message after the beep. If you wanna talk to Delilah, you should get your head examined!”

    Morgan Freeman - Charles W. Grimes
  • “- Claire Kubik: Agent Mullins! I just need a minute of your time!
    - FBI Agent Mullins: Somehow I'm confident it's not my rugged good looks to which I owe the honor of this visit.”

    Ashley Judd - Claire Kubik
    Tom Bower - FBI Agent Mullins
    [Tag:beauty, time]