“Liberty Heights” quotes

Movie Liberty Heights
Title Liberty Heights
Year 1999
Director Barry Levinson
Genre Drama, Romance, Music
Plot – Baltimore, 1954. Jew Net Curtzman runs a variety saloon, where actually he has set up a clandestine betting game. His two sons Van and Ben go to school. When the machines go haywire, Little Melvin wins 100 thousand dollars, but Net can't afford the payment and thinks to sell him part of his activity. Melvin feels mocked and kidnaps Ben, so Net is forced to sell everything, but Little Melvin doesn't know how to run the club so Net takes back his activity. Nevertheless, everyone is arrested for prostitution. Before going to jail, Net confesses publicly in the synagogue. Ben's voice-over comments the events have been an important period of his life.
All actors – Adrien Brody, Ben Foster, Orlando Jones, Bebe Neuwirth, Joe Mantegna, Rebekah Johnson, David Krumholtz, Richard Kline, Vincent Guastaferro, Justin Chambers, Carolyn Murphy, James Pickens Jr.
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  • - Ada Kurtzman: What do you mean "she's attractive"?
    - Ben Kurtzman: Pretty.
    - Ada Kurtzman: Oh my God...
    - Ben Kurtzman: Mom, I said she was attractive, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm attracted to her!

    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman
    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
  • “- Van Kurtzman: You believe this stuff?
    - Ben Kurtzman: I don't know.
    - Ada Kurtzman: What do you mean you don't know? It's in the Bible!
    - Van Kurtzman: Oh, so that makes it true?
    - Ada Kurtzman: It's the Bible! A story.
    - Van Kurtzman: Yeah, a true story?”

    Adrien Brody - Van Kurtzman
    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman
    [Tag:bible, faith, truth]
  • “- Ada Kurtzman: Your father says you're not going out dressed that way.
    - Ben Kurtzman: And I'm not changing.
    - Ada Kurtzman: He says he's not changing.
    - Nate Kurtzman: I wanna talk to Hitler.
    - Ada Kurtzman: He has a swastika on his arm and big black boots! He's wearing big black boots! He came down the stairs in them with swastikas all...” (continue)
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    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman
    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
    Joe Mantegna - Nate Kurtzman
  • “- Dubbie the Blonde: Do you speak french?
    - Van Kurtzman: No. Do you?
    - Dubbie the Blonde: Yes. Not as well as my father's boyfriend. But then again, he is French.”

    Carolyn Murphy - Dubbie the Blonde
    Adrien Brody - Van Kurtzman
    [Tag:ability, language]
  • “Life is made up of a few big moments, and a lot of little ones. I still remember the first time I kissed Sylvia, or the last time I hugged my father before he died. And I still remember that white-bread sandwich and that blonde dancing girl with the cigarette pack on her thigh. But a lot of images fade, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
  • “- Ada Kurtzman: How are the coloureds doing at school?
    - Ben Kurtzman: Okay, they're doing okay. They're getting better grades than I am.”

    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman
    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
  • “- Louie: You can't find a colored person who wants to play cricket on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Kiss-My-Tuchis-Day.
    - Charlie, Nate's Assistant: For that matter, you can't find a white person who wants to play cricket. What is it with that game? It makes no sense. How many players do you need there? What do they use, a mallet or something?”

    Charley Scalies - Louie
    Richard Kline - Charlie, Nate's Assistant
  • - Ben Kurtzman: The jawbone of the ass, where is it?
    - Grandma Rose: Is he crazy? What kind of talk is this?
    - Van Kurtzman: Your ass does not have a jawbone.
    - Ben Kurtzman: Well, Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass!
    - Ada Kurtzman: Not your ass, an animal!
    - Ben Kurtzman: There's an animal called an "ass"?

    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
    Frania Rubinek - Grandma Rose
    Adrien Brody - Van Kurtzman
    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman