“Maid to Order” quotes

Movie Maid to Order
Title Maid to Order
Year 1987
Director Amy Holden Jones
Genre Fantasy, Comedy
All actors – Ally Sheedy, Beverly D'Angelo, Michael Ontkean, Valerie Perrine, Dick Shawn, Tom Skerritt, Merry Clayton, Begonya Plaza, Rain Phoenix, Leland Crooke, Teddy Wilson, Perla Walter
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  • “- Jessie Montgomery: You're a witch!
    - Stella Winston: I'm perfectly harmless!
    - Jessie Montgomery: That's what they said about asbestos!”

    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
    Beverly D'Angelo - Stella Winston
    [Tag:danger, witches]
  • “- Jessie Montgomery: Some fairy godmother you are! I thought you guys were supposed to turn maids into princesses, and shit like that.
    - Stella Winston: Some maids deserve to be princesses. Some princesses deserve to be maids.”

    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
    Beverly D'Angelo - Stella Winston
    [Tag:changing, helping]
  • “- Charles Montgomery: I gave you $200.000.
    - Jessie Montgomery: Well, it's ancient history!
    - Charles Montgomery: I believe it was lunch time.”

    Tom Skerritt - Charles Montgomery
    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
  • “- Jessie Montgomery: I bruise easily, okay!
    - Stella Winston: You're a real peach, aren't ya?”

    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
    Beverly D'Angelo - Stella Winston
    [Tag:body, weakness]
  • “I don't want to be poor. I don't want to be boring. I don't want to be alone. Help me, fairy godmother, please!”

    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
  • “- Stella Winston: You're a spoiled, silly, boring, insignificant little twit.
    - Jessie Montgomery: Who are you calling boring?”

    Beverly D'Angelo - Stella Winston
    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
    [Tag:boredom, insult]
  • “I did not spend six years in junior college to be a maid.”
    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery
    [Tag:job, school]
  • “- Stan Starkey: What have you done to my wrinkled suit?
    - Jessie Montgomery: I pressed it.
    - Stan Starkey: I know, but you're not supposed to press it! It's a wrinkled suit! I bought it wrinkled! It's a Giorgio Armani wrinkle! Wrinkles are in! It's the 80's, kiddo. Wake up! I can't believe this! My Giorgio Armani, pressed!”

    Dick Shawn - Stan Starkey
    Ally Sheedy - Jessie Montgomery