“Miami Rhapsody” quotes

Movie Miami Rhapsody
David Frankel directed this movie in 1995
Title Miami Rhapsody
Year 1995
Director David Frankel
Genre Comedy
Plot – Young advertiser Gwyn Marcus has been living with Matt, a zoologist, in Miami for two years. The discovery of an affair between her mother Nina and the Cuban nurse Antonio who takes care of her semi-paralyzed grandmother begins to crack her confidence in marriage, partly because her parents' marriage is a point of reference for her. The discovery that also her father Vic is having an affair with his travel agent Zelda only aggravates her crisis. Complicating matters is her brother Jordan, who despite the fact that his wife Terri is pregnant decides, in light of her refusal to fulfill her marital 'obligations', to console himself with the statuesque black model Kaia. Also her sister Leslie, a somewhat impulsive and fiery woman, ends up cheating on her young husband Jeff with a previous boyfriend, Mitchell. While Matt presses her to get married, Gwyn is increasingly undecided and in the end the two break up. Awarded a contract in Orlando, Gwyn goes there with Antonio, who in the meantime has been left by Nina and with whom she has become friends, discovering among other things that he has been in jail in Cuba not for political reasons but because he used to steal cars. Meanwhile, Nina is mending her relationship with Vic, who in turn is tired of neurotic and obsessive Zelda. The trip to Orlando reveals the impossibility of any relationship between the two: Antonio still loves Nina and Gwyn is increasingly confused. Meanwhile, Gwyn's grandmother dies: Jordan, at the news of the birth of his child, leaves the funeral to run to Terri. After a while, Nina and Vic are back together again; Leslie is definitely dating Mitchell; Antonio moves on to another sick woman, while Matt leaves for Africa waiting to see how his relationship with Gwyn goes. More and more confused and undecided, Gwyn ends up alone.
All actors – Sarah Jessica Parker, Gil Bellows, Antonio Banderas, Mia Farrow, Paul Mazursky, Kevin Pollak, Barbara Garrick, Carla Gugino, Bo Eason, Naomi Campbell, Jeremy Piven, Kelly Bishop
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