“Smoke Signals” quotes

Movie Smoke Signals
Title Smoke Signals
Year 1998
Director Chris Eyre
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Thomas is a nerd and clumsy Indian guy who wears thick glasses and loves to tell stories. His family died in a fire in 1976, while he was miraculously saved by Arnold.
All actors – Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard, Gary Farmer, Tantoo Cardinal, Cody Lightning, Simon Baker, Monique Mojica, John Trudell, Chief Leonard George, Michael Greyeyes, Darwin Haine
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  • “An Indian man ain’t nothing without his hair.”
    Adam Beach - Victor Joseph
    [Tag:america, dignity, hair]
  • “You know, there are some children who aren't really children at all. They're just pillars of flame that burn everything they touch. And there are some children who are just pillars of ash, that fall apart if you touch them. Me and Victor, we were children of flame and ash.”
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
    [Tag:ash, children, fire]
  • “- Victor Joseph: White people will run all over you if you don't look mean. You gotta look like a warrior! You gotta look like you just came back from killing a buffalo!
    - Thomas Builds-the-Fire: But our tribe never hunted buffalo, we were fishermen.
    - Victor Joseph: What! You want to look like you just came back from catching a fish? This ain't...” (continue)
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    Adam Beach - Victor Joseph
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
  • “Quit grinning like an idiot. Indians ain’t supposed to smile like that. Get stoic.”
    Adam Beach - Victor Joseph
    [Tag:face, smile]
  • “Sometimes it's a good day to die, sometimes it's a good day to have breakfast.”
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
    [Tag:breakfast, death, life]
  • “If we forgive our fathers, what is left?”
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
  • “- Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Hey Victor! I'm sorry about your dad.
    - Victor Joseph: How'd you hear about it?
    - Thomas Builds-the-Fire: I heard it on the wind. I heard it from the birds. I felt it in the sunlight. And your mom was just in here crying.”

    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
    Adam Beach - Victor Joseph
    [Tag:hearing, sorrow, wind]
  • “You know the only thing more pathetic than Indians on TV? Indians watching Indians on TV!”
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire