“What's Eating Gilbert Grape” quotes

Movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Lasse Hallström directed this movie in 1993
Title What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Year 1993
Director Lasse Hallström
Genre Drama
Plot – Gilbert has no future in the small and boring town of Endora, especially because both his brother and his mother are disabled. Despite all the struggles he has to face, Gilbert is limited, nearly disabled too, but with the help of a wandering traveler he will open up his mind again.
All actors – Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, Darlene Cates, Laura Harrington, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Kevin Tighe, John C. Reilly, Crispin Glover, Penelope Branning, Tim Green, Susan Loughran, Robert B. Hedges, Mark Jordan, Cameron Finley, Brady Coleman, Tim Simek, Nicholas Stojanovich, Libby Villari, Kay Bower, Joe Stevens, Mona Lee Fultz, George Haynes, Daniel Gullahorn, David H. Kramer, Drew Ebersole, Paulette Rubinstein, Peter Fernandez, Mary Griffin, Jason Pace, Shelly Latham, Deborah Lee Johnson, Steve Cook, Patrick Welsh, Brent Bratton, Kirk Hunter, Buck Reynolds, David Stanford
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