“The Blind Side” quotes

Movie The Blind Side
John Lee Hancock directed this movie in 2009
Title The Blind Side
Year 2009
Director John Lee Hancock
Genre Drama, Sport, Biography
Plot – Michael Oher meets the Tourys' and this meeting will change their lives forever. He's a young African-American homeless, while they are a white and middle-class family willing to adopt him. The boy finds love, the possibility to study and the great opportunity to play in a football team and become a champion. The Tourys', in return, manage to find back themselves.
All actors – Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Jae Head, Lily Collins, Ray McKinnon, Kim Dickens, Adriane Lenox, Kathy Bates, Catherine Dyer, Andy Stahl, Tom Nowicki, Libby Whittemore, Brian Hollan, Melody Weintraub, Sharon Conley, Omar J. Dorsey, Paul Amadi, Irone Singleton, Hampton Fluker, Rhoda Griffis, Eaddy Mays, Ashley LeConte Campbell, Stacey Turner, Elizabeth Omilami, Afemo Omilami, Maria Howell, Patrick G. Keenan, Eric Benson, David Dwyer, Catherine Combs, Kelly Johns, Robert Pralgo, Whitney Branan, Brian Sutherin, Rachel St. Gelais, Brandon Rivers, Jody Thompson, James Donadio, L. Warren Young, Brett Rice, Kevin Nichols, Preston Wigasi Brant, Matthew Atkinson, Trey Best, Omid Soltani, Destiny Long, April Rich, Jaye Tyroff, Ben Keen, John Newberg, John Henry Hancock, Joe Chrest, Michael Fisher, Lamont Koonce, Phillip Fulmer, Lou Holtz, Tom Lemming, Houston Nutt, Ed Orgeron, Franklin 'Pepper' Rodgers, Nick Saban, Tommy Tuberville, , Roger Goodell, Haji Abdullah, Cesar Aguirre, Hunter Aldridge, Tyler Lee Allen, Demetrius B. Banks, Bob Bass, Pat Bird, Stephen Bise, Tim Brazeal, Shannon Brinson, Byron Ashley Bryson, Chrissy Chambers, Monica D'Onofrio, J. Colby Doler, Luke Drawdy, Chris Gombash, James Granville, Jevocas Green, Adam Hamilton, Anthony B. Harris, Ashley Harvin, Keith Allen Hayes, Morgan Hennum, Roger Herrera, Bobby Jordan, Ryan Kightlinger, Scottie Knollin, Shawn Knowles, Amir Kovacs, Joseph Lavender, Micheal Leath, Melissa LeEllen, Carmen Matheny, Winston Mattox, Lynn McArthur, Megan McIver, Amy McManus, Justin Melick, Michael Oher, M.V. Oliphant, John Fitzgerald Page, Bill Rainey, Shawn Reynolds, Andrew Riley, Lauren Rothermel, Cody Rowlett, Mark Rudge, Anthony Singleton, David Smith, Dianne Starkey, Sean Hilton Stephens, Jeanette Stout, Jessica J. Stowes, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Theismann, Kirsten VanWagner, Christoph Vogt, Steve Warren, Thorne Winter, Christel Wright, Scott M. Yaffee
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