“The Man with Bogart's Face” quotes

Movie The Man with Bogart's Face
Title The Man with Bogart's Face
Year 1980
Director Robert Day
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Plot – Sam Marlow opens an investigations agency. He owes his landlady three months' rent, so the woman instructs him to find her disappeared husband. In the meantime, Sam is hired by Jane Anastas to free her from certain criminals.
All actors – Robert Sacchi, Franco Nero, Michelle Phillips, Olivia Hussey, Misty Rowe, Victor Buono, Herbert Lom, Sybil Danning, Richard Bakalyan, Gregg Palmer, Jay Robinson, George Raft
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  • - Gena: You know, you never did tell me why you hit me at Petey Cane's club.
    - Sam Marlow: Oh, that? Simple. John Wayne slugged his pal Ward Bond in a pictured called "Hondo" for the same reason. If you want to confuse the enemy, hit a friend.
    - Gena: Interesting.

    Michelle Phillips - Gena
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
  • “- Gena: I'm prepared to offer you $500.
    - Sam Marlow: I'm prepared to accept it.”

    Michelle Phillips - Gena
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
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  • Dana Andrews was swell in "Laura", but what if Bogart had played Lt. MacPherson? Yeah, Bogart... smoking a cigarette and looking up at that portrait, thinking Laura was dead, but still in love with her. What a love scene. And neither of them naked!
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
    [Tag:actors, charm]
  • “- Commodore Anastas: I have a passion for collecting.
    - Sam Marlow: Yeah? I have a passion for passion.”

    Victor Buono - Commodore Anastas
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
  • Bronson Canyon is less that ten minutes from Hollywood and Vine. Thousands of movies and television episodes have been filmed there. More movie good guys and bad guys died there than any other place on Earth. Now I knew that somebody up here was really dead. Not with blanks and blood capsules. Dead dead. No "take twos".
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
    [Tag:cinema, death, reality]
  • “- Elsa: Does anyone ever tell you you look like...
    - Sam Marlow: A detective? Yeah.”

    Olivia Hussey - Elsa
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
  • “- Nicky: Don't I see you sometime on television in old movies?
    - Sam Marlow: No, that's somebody else.
    - Nicky: He sure looks like you.
    - Sam Marlow: No, I look like him.”

    Buck Kartalian - Nicky
    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
  • “- Sam Marlow: You know what'd end all wars? Make everybody fightnaked. Then nobody'd know who to kill, and that would be the end of it.
    - Elsa: Sam...
    - Sam Marlow: No, I mean it. And let the women get in there naked, too. That'd cinch it. No more war... just peace on Earth and a lot of whoopee.”

    Robert Sacchi - Sam Marlow
    Olivia Hussey - Elsa
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