“The Others” quotes

Movie The Others
Alejandro Amenábar directed this movie in 2001
Title The Others
Year 2001
Director Alejandro Amenábar
Genre Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Plot – A young woman and her two children move into a large house on a British island to await her husband's return from the war. The two children suffer from a strange illness: the exposure to direct sunlight causes them some strange physiological effects, so they live segregated in the house with a series of strict rules imposed by their mother. When a careless maid accidentally breaks the rules, there will be terrible consequences for the entire family.
All actors – Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Alakina Mann, James Bentley, Eric Sykes, Elaine Cassidy, Renée Asherson, Gordon Reid, Keith Allen, Michelle Fairley, Alexander Vince, Ricardo López, Aldo Grilo
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  • “Death of a loved one can lead people to do the strangest things.”
    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
    [Tag:death, doing]
  • “There are things your mother doesn't want to hear. She only believes in what she was taught. But don't worry. Sooner or later everything will be different.”

    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
  • “- Anne Stewart: I don't believe that the Holy Spirit is a dove.
    - Nicholas Stewart: I don't believe that either.
    - Anne Stewart: Doves are anything but holy.
    - Nicholas Stewart: They poo on the window.”

    Alakina Mann - Anne Stewart
    James Bentley - Nicholas Stewart
  • “No crying. Look what an awful face you've got when you cry.”

    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
    [Tag:crying, face, ugliness]
  • “Don't trouble yourself, ma'am. Tuberculosis finished us off, more than half a century ago.”

    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
    [Tag:death, disease, ghosts]
  • “Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.”
    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
    [Tag:death, living]
  • “This story started many thousands of years ago, and it was all over in just 7 days. All that long long time ago, none of the things we can see now, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the animals and plants, not a single one existed. Only God existed. And so only he could have created them. And he did.”

    Nicole Kidman - Grace Stewart
    [Tag:creation, god]
  • “What were you trying to prove by going to war? Your place was here with your family. I loved you, but that wasn't enough, was it? You want to leave not because of the war, you want to leave me.”

    Nicole Kidman - Grace Stewart
    [Tag:family, husband, war]
  • “They're everywhere. They say this house is theirs.”

    Alakina Mann - Anne Stewart
    [Tag:ghosts, home, property]
  • “- Grace Stewart: You say you know this house well?
    - Mrs. Bertha Mills: Like the back of my hand, that is assuming the walls haven't sprouted legs and moved in the meantime.
    - Grace Stewart: The only thing that moves here is the light, but it changes everything.”

    Nicole Kidman - Grace Stewart
    Fionnula Flanagan - Mrs. Bertha Mills
    [Tag:house, knowledge]