“The Sweet Hereafter” quotes

Movie The Sweet Hereafter
Title The Sweet Hereafter
Year 1997
Director Atom Egoyan
Genre Drama
All actors – Ian Holm, Caerthan Banks, Sarah Polley, Tom McCamus, Gabrielle Rose, Alberta Watson, Maury Chaykin, Stephanie Morgenstern, Kirsten Kieferle, Arsinée Khanjian, Earl Pastko, Simon Baker
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  • “- Nicole Burnell: You and mom have a lawyer?
    - Sam Burnell: Well, yes. He's your lawyer, too.
    - Nicole Burnell: My lawyer. Why do I need a lawyer?
    - Mary: Well maybe we shouldn't be talking about this just now, with you barely home. Aren't you hungry, honey? You want me to fix you something?
    - Nicole Burnell: No. What's this lawyer business?”

    Sarah Polley - Nicole Burnell
    Tom McCamus - Sam Burnell
    Brooke Johnson - Mary
    [Tag:lawyers, parents]
  • “- Mitchell Stevens: One part of me was daddy, singing a lullaby to his little girl. The other part was a surgeon, ready to cut into her throat. I waited for the second that Zoe's breath stopped to make that incision.
    - Allison: What happened?
    - Mitchell Stevens: Oh, nothing. We made it to the hospital. I didn't have to go as far as I was...” (continue)
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    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens
    Stephanie Morgenstern - Allison
  • “- Mitchell Stevens: Well, enough rage and helplessness and your love turns to something else.
    - Allison: What... does it turn to?
    - Mitchell Stevens: It turns to steaming piss.”

    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens
    Stephanie Morgenstern - Allison
  • “I've done everything the loving father of a drug addict is supposed to do... I've sent her to the best hospitals, she's seen all the best doctors. It doesn't matter. Two weeks later she's on the street. New York, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Toronto, L.A. The next time I hear from her, it's a phone call scamming for money. Money for school, or money...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens
  • "Daddy, just let me come home... Please, daddy, I have to see you...". But she never comes home. I'm always at the airport, but she's never there. Ten years of this, ten years of these lies, of imagining what happens if I don't send the money, of kicking down doors and dragging her out of rat-infested apartments, of explaining why that couldn't... (continue)(continue reading)
    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens
    [Tag:daughter, lies, worry]
  • “As you see her, two years later, I wonder if you realize something. I wonder if you understand that all of us: Dolores, me, the children who survived, the children who didn't, that we're all citizens of a different town now. A place with its own special rules and its own special laws. A town of people living in the sweet hereafter.”
    Sarah Polley - Nicole Burnell
  • “- Nicole Burnell: No matter what I'm asked I'll tell the truth.
    - Mitchell Stevens: It's not going to be easy Nicole.
    - Nicole Burnell: I won't lie.”

    Sarah Polley - Nicole Burnell
    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens
    [Tag:lies, truth]
  • “- Billy: Mitchell Stevens, Esquire. Tell me, would you be likely to sue me if I was to beat you right now? I mean, beat you so bad you piss blood and couldn't walk for a month. Because that's what I'm about to do.
    - Mitchell Stevens: No, Mr. Ansel. I wouldn't sue you.
    - Billy: You leave us alone, Stephens. You leave the people of this town alone.”

    Bruce Greenwood - Billy
    Sir Ian Holm - Mitchell Stevens