“Urban Legend” quotes

Movie Urban Legend
Title Urban Legend
Year 1998
Director Jamie Blanks
Genre Horror, Mystery
Plot – The New England Pendleton College' is considered one of the most peaceful US universities, but one day a student is found dead, hit by an ax. Soon after another guy is found hanging from a tree. Nobody wants to believe that Paul is the responsible of these and other crimes, even if he's searching for news for the university newspaper. He's in love with Brenda who wants to help Natalie in the investigations. After some researches, Natalie discovers that there is a link between nowadays murders and something that happened thirty years ago in the same university, when an authoritarian professor massacred some students.
All actors – Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Michael Rosenbaum, Loretta Devine, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid, John Neville, Julian Richings, Robert Englund, Danielle Harris, Natasha Gregson Wagner
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  • “- Sasha Thomas: First let me just congratulate you on your choice of sexual activity because, sweetie, the world is not ready for you to reproduce. Second, did you know ingestion of bodily-fluids is a major safe-sex no-no?
    - Felicia: Really?
    - Sasha Thomas: Really. My suggestion is that you down a couple shots of Pepto, and next time get away...” (continue)
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    Tara Reid - Sasha Thomas
    Stephanie Anne Mills - Felicia
  • “Somebody told me she was listening to my show when it happened. I mean, my voice was probably the last thing she heard, can you imagine?”

    Tara Reid - Sasha Thomas
  • “- Dean Adams: Missing? He's not missing! It's the weekend. He's most likely shacked up in some motel with a girl. Or a guy... farm animal... whatever! Weren't you ever eighteen?
    - Reese Wilson: Not that kind of eighteen.”

    John Neville - Dean Adams
    Loretta Devine - Reese Wilson
    [Tag:sex, teens, weekend]
  • “Someone's taking all of these urbanlegends, and making them reality.”
    Alicia Witt - Natalie Simon
    [Tag:legend, reality]
  • “- Natalie Simon: Isn't there another legend about a guy with an axe in a woman's backseat?
    - Sasha Thomas: Hello? My mom still checks the backseat before getting into her car.
    - Natalie Simon: That's how Michelle Mancini died.”

    Alicia Witt - Natalie Simon
    Tara Reid - Sasha Thomas
    [Tag:cars, legend, murder]
  • - Natalie Simon: You're fucking crazy!
    - Brenda Bates: I prefer the term "eccentric". But, yeah, I guess I'm a little "nutty".

    Alicia Witt - Natalie Simon
    Rebecca Gayheart - Brenda Bates
  • “Damon is the biggest practical joker I know. He once convinced a sophomore that he was the middle Hanson brother just so he could get laid.”
    Michael Rosenbaum - Parker Riley
    [Tag:lies, sex]