“The Twilight Zone” quotes

TV Series The Twilight Zone
Rod Serling created this TV Series in 1959
Title The Twilight Zone
Year 1959
Creator Rod Serling
Genre Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
Plot – The Twilight Zone (marketed as Twilight Zone for its final two seasons) is an American horror anthology television series where ordinary characters find themselves dealing with disturbing or unusual events. Often episodes have a surprise ending and a moral. The stories involve futuristic societies, space travel, aliens invasions, telepathy, dreams, death and the afterlife, time travel and many more paranormal and Kafkaesque events.
All actors – Rod Serling, Robert McCord, Jay Overholts, Vaughn Taylor, James Turley, Jack Klugman, Burgess Meredith, John Anderson, J. Pat O'Malley, Barney Phillips, George Mitchell, Cyril Delevanti, Jon Lormer, John McLiam, Bill Erwin, Nan Peterson, Lew Brown, S. John Launer, David Armstrong, Gladys Cooper, Albert Salmi, John Dehner, John Larch, James Best, Gail Kobe, Paul Comi, Michael Fox, Bill Mumy, Wallace Rooney, Oscar Beregi Jr., Ben Wright, Vladimir Sokoloff, Raymond Bailey, Stafford Repp, Paul Mazursky, Russ Bender, Marjorie Bennett, Don Keefer, Lew Gallo, Hugh Sanders, Sandy Kenyon, James Millhollin, Mary Gregory, Pat O'Malley, Arch Johnson, Hank Patterson, Sue Randall, Morgan Brittany, Jason Wingreen, Milton Parsons
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