“The 10th Kingdom” quotes

TV Series The 10th Kingdom
Title The 10th Kingdom
Year 2000
Genre Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery
Plot – Two hundred years after Snow White and Cinderella, the Nine Kingdoms are waiting for prince Wendel’s coronation. However, the Wicked Witch breaks out of prison and turns the prince into a golden retriever. Through a magic mirror, Wendel is thrown into the mysterious 10th Kingdom, New York City. Here, he meets Virginia and her dad Tony. After being chased by policemen, trolls and a human-like wolf, the three heroes go back to the Nine Kingdoms, where they will try to help Wendel and find the magic mirror which will lead Tony and Virginia home. However, nobody knows that Virginia is somehow bounded to the Nine Kingdoms in a very dangerous way.
All actors – Dianne Wiest, Daniel Lapaine, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Scott Cohen, John Larroquette, Ed O'Neill, Rutger Hauer, Dawnn Lewis, Hugh O'Gorman, Jeremiah Birkett, Robert Hardy, William Osborne
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