Prosperity quotes

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  • “For a very long time, America prospered. This prosperity cost millions of people their lives. Now, not even the people who are the most spectacular recipients of the benefits of this prosperity are able to endure these benefits. They can neither understand them nor do without them. Above all, they cannot imagine the price paid by their victims,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    James Baldwin - self
    [Tag:america, prosperity, racism]
  • “Shut up before I crush you with my wallet!”
    Chris Rock - Lance Barton
    [Tag:prosperity, self-defense]
  • “Our country's not an island any more. This is the decade in which London will become Europe's capital, having cleared away the out-dated. We've got mile after mile or acre after acre of land for our future prosperity. No other city in the world has got, right at its centre, such an opportunity for profitable progress.”

    Bob Hoskins - Harold
    [Tag:london, progress, prosperity]
  • “Don't lose your heart, men. It won't be long before we reach the New World. And remember what awaits us there. Freedom. Prosperity. The adventure of our lives. You're the finest crew England has to offer and nothing, not wind nor a thousand bloody savages shall stand in our way. Carry on, men!”
    David Ogden Stiers - Governor Ratcliffe
    [Tag:conquest, encouragement, prosperity]
  • “- Godfrey: Prosperity is just around the corner.
    - Mike Flaherty: Yeah, it's been there a long time. I wish I knew which corner.”

    William Powell - Godfrey
    Pat Flaherty - Mike Flaherty
    [Tag:future, prosperity]
  • “- Werner: So, now... East. What news?
    - Jay Cavendish: Violence and suffering. And West?
    - Werner: Dreams and toil.”

    Andrew Robertt - Werner
    Kodi Smit-McPhee - Jay Cavendish
    [Tag:prosperity, sorrow]
  • You see this foot? It's from a little town called "Rich Man's Ass" and it's getting' homesick!
    Chris Rock - Lance Barton
  • “- Bob Prescott: You stay here and I'm gonna see what's around the corner.
    - Jerry Miles: I hope it's prosperity.”

    Richard Martin - Bob Prescott
    Wally Brown - Jerry Miles
    [Tag:prosperity, seeking]
  • “- Larry Wilson: God, that guy; beautiful apartment, house at the beach, babes, boat, car. Do you know how much it costs to park a car in Manhattan every month? More than my rent.
    - Richard Parker: Well, I mean it's only fair. His car is a bit bigger than your apartment.”

    Andrew McCarthy - Larry Wilson
    Jonathan Silverman - Richard Parker
    [Tag:comparison, prosperity, wealth]
  • “Prosperity, unfortunately, it's a fleeting thing.”
    Sandy Dennis - Mona