• “- Alice Kingsleigh: Well, we have met once when I was younger.
    - Mad Hatter: Well, I'm afraid I don't recall.
    - Alice Kingsleigh: That's because it hasn't happened yet.
    - Mad Hatter: Oh. When will it happen?
    - Alice Kingsleigh: Years from now, when you're older.
    - Mad Hatter: [confused] I'll meet you when you're younger and I'm older.
    - Alice Kingsleigh: I realize it doesn't make much sense.
    - Mad Hatter: [pauses] Makes perfect sense to me. I'm Tarrant.
    - Alice Kingsleigh: [shakes his hand] I know. I'm Alice.”

    after Alice traveled backwards in time

    Mia Wasikowska - Alice in Wondeland
    Johnny Depp - The Mad Hatter
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4/24/18 at 8:33 AM
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