“The Crush” quotes

Movie The Crush
Title The Crush
Year 1993
Director Alan Shapiro
Genre Drama, Thriller
All actors – Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Rubin, Kurtwood Smith, Amber Benson, Gwynyth Walsh, Matthew Walker, Deborah Hancock, Beverley Elliott, Andrew Airlie, Sheila Paterson, Brent Chapman
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  • “One day, when you're all grown up, and you have a real relationship, you'll realize your feelings for Nick were just a thing. Just a crush. In fact, I bet by the time school starts, you'll have completely forgotten all about him.”

    Jennifer Rubin - Amy Maddik
  • “You don't know how hard it is for me to make friends. My parents made me skip two grades in school. My only friend is Cheyenne, and it's only because... my mom and her mom went to college together. So, she kinda has to. It's like everybody thinks I'm some kind of freak or something. Like I'm crazy.”

    Alicia Silverstone - Darian Forrester
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  • “Let's avoid any confusion here! I'm gonna make this very simple for you. You're... you're too young for me. There's nothing between us. Nothing!”

    Cary Elwes - Nick Eliot
  • “- Nick Eliot: Where's Cheyenne?
    - Darian Forrester: You wanna do her, too, is that it? I'm not good enough for you?
    - Nick Eliot: Where is she, Darian?
    - Darian Forrester: I came back here for you, Nick. My parents tried to take me away, but I fooled them.
    - Nick Eliot: Where is she?
    - Darian Forrester: I came back here for you, and I found you...” (continue)
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    Cary Elwes - Nick Eliot
    Alicia Silverstone - Darian Forrester
  • “- Cheyenne: Did Darian ever tell you about a guy named Rick?
    - Nick Eliot: Yeah, I think so. Said he was a friend, why?
    - Cheyenne: He was her camp counselor. Darian had a crush on him.
    - Nick Eliot: So?
    - Cheyenne: He's dead. He ate something poison. Everyone thought it was an accident. But, Darian knows stuff. Stuff that other kids don't know.”

    Amber Benson - Cheyenne
    Cary Elwes - Nick Eliot
  • “- Darian Forrester: Aren't you going to tell me break a leg?
    - Cheyenne: Break them both.”

    Alicia Silverstone - Darian Forrester
    Amber Benson - Cheyenne