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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
February 17, 1981
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt quotes
  • “I think this is the greatest freedom that I have gained, the fact that I don't have to worry about what happens tomorrow, because I'm happy with what I've done today.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
  • “The truth sinks in that no matter what justification you're selling yourself, this is not about terrorism. Terrorism is the excuse. This is about economic and social control. And the only thing you're really protecting is the supremacy of your government.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
  • “You ever hear about the Nuremberg trials, Trev? They weren't that long ago. Yeah, well, the big shots were the first trial, but then the next trial were just the judges, and lawyers, and policemen, and guards, and ordinary people just doing their jobs, following orders. That's where we got the Nuremberg principles, which then the UN made into...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
    [Tag:crime, job, trial]
  • “- US Customs Agent: [seeing his equipment] And what's all this for?
    - Philippe Petit: I'm going to hang a high wire between the World Trade Center Towers... And walk on it.
    - US Customs Agent: Right. Good luck. Next!”

    Joel Rinzler - US Customs Agent
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    [Tag:belief, honesty]
  • “A lie can really change a person.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Jiminy Cricket
    [Tag:changing, lies]
  • “Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry, in your bones. I mean, they understand, foster parents, everybody understands, for awhile. Then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he can't do, move on. So after awhile they stop understanding. They send the angry kid to a boys home. I figured it out too late. You...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Blake
    [Tag:anger, feeling]
  • “Just 'cause you're beautiful, that doesn't mean that you can treat people like they don't matter.”

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Cameron James
  • “- Hank Forrester: I'm supposed to keep an eye on you CTs, make sure you don't buckle under the pressure. Turn to drugs and booze.
    - Edward Snowden: Well, you won't have that problem with me. I don't drink or do drugs.
    - Hank Forrester: What is your sin of choice?
    - Edward Snowden: Uh, computers.”

    Nicolas Cage - Hank Forrester
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
  • I find myself in the middle of the wire. And I feel the void. And although a wire-walker should never look down... I do. And it was... It was beautiful. It was calm and beautiful, and serene, and "not-dangerous."
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    [Tag:danger, daring, wonder]
  • “Now we've shaken the tree. Let's wait and see what falls on our heads.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Brendan
  • “For me, to walk on the wire, this is life. C'est la vie.”

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    [Tag:danger, daring, life]
  • “- Ariadne: What's happening?
    - Arthur: Your subconscious is looking for the dreamer; me. Quick, give me a kiss.”

    Ellen Page - Ariadne
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Arthur
  • “Terrorism is just an excuse.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
  • “- Philippe Petit: My head is full of doubts and when it’s time to step on the wire I don’t know if I will be able to take my first step.
    - Annie Allix: Your heart will tell you what to do.”

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    Charlotte Le Bon
    [Tag:courage, doubt, fear]
  • “I know what the void is. I'm a wire-walker. The void is my domain. But not this void. But somehow I gather the strength to whisper, whisper so the demons won't hear. It's impossible... But I'll do it.”

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
  • “I would find myself there looking at the void, to see how the thought comes back. How the feeling returns. Because it was a beautiful day.”

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    [Tag:building, memory]
  • “- Saito: If you can steal an idea, why can't you plant one there instead?
    - Arthur: Okay, this is me, planting an idea in your mind. I say: don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?
    - Saito: Elephants?
    - Arthur: Right, but it's not your idea. The dreamer can always remember the genesis of the idea. True inspiration is impossible...” (continue)
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    Ken Watanabe - Saito
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Arthur
  • “- Edward Snowden: So, this is data collection for the month of March worldwide, emails and Skype calls. So France, 70 million. Germany, 500 million. Brazil, two billion. Inside the U.S., 3.1 billion emails and calls. That's not including any of the telecom company data.
    - NSA Dep. Director Lowell: Okay, so what's the collection in Russia?
    -...” (continue)
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
    Patrick Joseph Byrnes - NSA Dep. Director Lowell
  • - News Reporter: Why did you do this?
    - Philippe Petit: There is no "why." Just because. When I see a beautiful place to put my wire, I cannot resist.

    Trevor Botkin - News Reporter
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    [Tag:beauty, motive]
  • “- Kyle: They say if you snort some Ritalin, it's a cakewalk!
    - Wilee: Sage advice.”

    Aaron Tveit - Kyle
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Wilee
  • “I was always searching. Looking for the perfect place to hang my wire.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
  • “You cannot lie on stage, the audience will always know what is inside your heart.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
  • “- Kara: Could you go then, honey, 'cause I've got this headache.
    - Brendan: Try smoking like a chimney, I've heard that helps.”

    Meagan Good - Kara
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Brendan
    [Tag:disease, smoking]
  • “I can't work in an office. I don't like wearing suits. I like to ride. Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. The bike cannot coast. The pedals never stop turning. Can't stop. Don't want to either.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Wilee
  • “- Philippe Petit: Two magnificent towers, one hundred meters taller than the Eiffel Tower itself. What do you think?
    - Annie Allix: I don’t know. It looks so…so…
    - Philippe Petit: Beautiful.
    - Annie Allix: Beautiful, yes. And dangerous, and completely insane, and you’re a mad man.
    - Philippe Petit: Yes, I’m a mad man. But this…this is my...” (continue)
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Philippe Petit
    Charlotte Le Bon - Annie