• “- Carl Conrad Coreander: Your books are safe. While you're reading them, you get to become Tarzan or Robinson Crusoe.
    - Bastian: But that's what I like about 'em.
    - Carl Conrad Coreander: Ahh, but afterwards you get to be a little boy again.
    - Bastian: Wh-what do you mean?
    - Carl Conrad Coreander: Listen. Have you ever been Captain Nemo, trapped inside your submarine while the giant squid is attacking you?
    - Bastian: Yes.
    - Carl Conrad Coreander: Weren't you afraid you couldn't escape?
    - Bastian: But it's only a story.
    - Carl Conrad Coreander: That's what I'm talking about. The ones you read are safe.”

    Thomas Hill - Carl Conrad Coreander
    Barret Oliver - Bastian Balthazar Bux
Quote details Movie (The NeverEnding Story)

3/19/15 at 10:58 AM
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on 09/12/2020 at 19:55 commented:
I think it’s a great quote that inspires, tempts and causes him to analyze and question his own self about his dreams and goals and even being the hero! If he can save Fantasia then he will also be saving the real world in which he lives
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