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6/12/14 at 4:52 AM
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  • “- Charlotte: You miss him.
    - Jack Kelson: It's all fallin' apart on him. Hm. I was afraid in prison... now... I'm really scared. I don't know if I can help the kid. I don't know if I have anything good to give him. He needs so much.”

    Lucinda Jenney - Charlotte
    Jeff Bridges - Jack Kelson
    [Tag:fear, inability, son]
  • “- Sir Ector: You are king, Arthur; the more so because you are not my son, and I am not your father.
    - Arthur: Not my father? Then Kay is not my brother?
    - Sir Ector: Merlin the magician brought you to me when you were newly born, and bade me raise you as my own. At first, I did so because I feared Merlin, but later because I loved you.”

    Clive Swift - Ector
    Nigel Terry - King Arthur
    [Tag:fear, love, son]
  • “Only demons should fear me. You're not a demon, are you? The angel said you were. I can't believe that. I won't. You're my son, and I love you more than my own life. You know what's funny about all this, Fenton? I'm afraid of you.”
    Bill Paxton - Dad Meiks
    [Tag:fear, love, son]
  • “My son, Paul, must be very frightened right now. I know I'm frightened for him. So to the people who took him, I don't care why you did this but I ask as a mother that you think of your own children or a child that you once were and set my boy free. Thank you.”
    Michelle Williams - Gail Harris
    [Tag:fear, kidnapping, son]
  • “We do what you say, and we go to the bank. Anything goes wrong, you're gonna turn around and I'll be gone. Okay. And if that happens, from this day on, any time your kid leaves this house to go to school, go play, see a friend, to buy a fuckin' comic book, you're gonna have to ask yourself: Is today... Jimmy Shaker day?”

    Gary Sinise - Det. Jimmy Shaker
    [Tag:death, son, threat]