• - Giosuè: Why aren't Jews or dogs allowed to go in?
    - Guido: They just don't want Jews or dogs to go in. Everybody does what they want to, Giosuè. There's a hardware store there. They don't let Spanish people or horses into his store. Further ahead, there's a drugstore. Yesterday, I was with a Chinese friend who had a kangaroo. I said: “May we?" "No, we don't want any Chinese or kangaroos here." They don't like them. What can I tell you?
    - Giosué: We let everybody into our bookshop.
    - Guido: No. From now on, we'll write it too. Is there anybody you don't like?
    - Giosué: Spiders. What about you?
    - Guido: I don't like Visigoths. Starting tomorrow we'll write: "No spiders and Visigoths allowed”. I'm sick and tired of these Visigoths.

    Giorgio Cantarini - Giosuè
    Roberto Benigni - Guido
Quote details Movie (Life Is Beautiful)

8/4/01 at 11:28 AM
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