• “- Hank: So who's your chief, little Injun?
    - Jesse Pinkman: What? What does that even mean?
    - Hank: It means I think your story's bullshit. I think you know who Tuco Salamanca was. I think your car was there because you were there. Tuco had a bullet in him when I got there and I think you know something about that, too.
    - Jesse Pinkman: So what're you saying? Like, I shot someone with, like, a gun?
    - Hank: You? No. Only shooting that you do is into a Kleenex.”

    Hank is interrogating Jesse about his car being found at Tuco's hideout - Season 2, Ep. 3, 'Bit by a Dead Bee'

    Dean Norris - Hank Schrader
    Aaron Paul - Jesse Pinkman
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10/8/19 at 12:01 AM
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