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6/20/06 at 9:58 AM
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  • “Your children will be born in a world of two suns. They will never know a sky without them. You can tell them that you remember when there was a pitch black sky with no bright star, and people feared the night.”

    Roy Scheider - Dr. Heywood Floyd
    [Tag:fear, night, sun]
  • “I don't think the sun even... exists... in this place. 'Cause I've been up for hours, and hours, and hours, and the night never ends here.”
    Rufus Sewell - John Murdoch
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  • “- Max: Carol, did you know the sun was gonna die?
    - Carol: What? I never heard that... Oh, come on. That can't happen. I mean you're the king, and look at me, I'm big! how can guys like us worry about a tiny little thing like the sun, hmm?”

    Max Records - Max
    James Gandolfini - Carol
    [Tag:death, sun]
  • “- Tracy McCallister: Has anybody seen my sunblock?
    - Sondra McCallister: What's the point in going to Florida if you're going to put on sunblock?
    - Megan McCallister: I don't care if I age like an old suitcase, I'm getting toasted.”

    Senta Moses Mikan - Tracy McCallister
    Diana Rein - Sondra McCallister
    Hillary Wolf - Megan McCallister
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  • “Sometimes it gets so hot I want to crawl right out of my skin.”
    John Goodman - Charlie Meadows
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