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10/3/21 at 1:35 PM
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  • “- Maxim Brajlovsky: Easy as cake, huh?
    - Dr. Walter Curnow: Pie. Easy as pie.”

    Elya Baskin - Maxim Brajlovsky
    John Lithgow - Dr. Walter Curnow
  • “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and the job's a game!”
    Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins
    [Tag:ease, wisdom, working]
  • “We're on a survival school camping trip! I mean, this is what they call quality time, isn't it? This is what they mean. No distractions, no media stuff, we just get to know each other, we gnaw the bark off a few trees. I mean, people pay money to come on trips like this! You know, if you assume that bad shit's gonna happen, bad shit happens!”

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Donna De Angelo
  • “- Dennis Murphy: I work for you. You call the shots. But I will be able to do my job so much better if you will just simply tell me... what is this new strategy? Just tell me a little bit!
    - Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Have a drink, Murphy. Live your life.”

    Oliver Platt - Dennis Murphy
    Warren Beatty - Jay Bulworth
  • “- Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Murphy, Feldman, you're lookin' pretty beat / I thought you might feel better with some ribs to eat / Eat 'em, gentlemen, you'll think they're really fine / And if you want a couple more you can get 'em anytime!
    - Dennis Murphy: I am incredibly frightened.”

    Warren Beatty - Jay Bulworth
    Oliver Platt - Dennis Murphy
    [Tag:ease, fear, food]