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8/17/98 at 8:29 AM
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  • “Life isn't fair then is it. Somebody always draws the short straw.”
    Timothy Spall - Maurice
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  • “- Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris: Life is what we want it to be.
    - Marina Mari: Words! Life is filthy and brutal.”

    Marcello Pagliero - Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris
    Maria Michi - Marina Mari
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  • “Somebody different. Difference creates dispute. Dispute is a reason to fight. Now, to fight is a reason to feel pain. Life is pain. So to fight with reason is to be alive with reason.”

    Matthew Lillard - Stevo
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  • “No one adult human being is happy! People are born, they have a limited amount of time going around thinking life is dandy but then, inevitably, tragedy strikes and they realise life equals loss! The whole point of the game is to minimise the pain caused by that equation!”
    Dominic West - Jasper
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  • “Life is so disappointing. Here you are. You have arrived. You are here. This is your moment. What do you have? You have pain. You have everything. What do you have? You have nothing. Everything is right, or everything is wrong. It's disappointing, it's confusing. This is life. What can we do?”

    Edmund Genest - Francesco
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