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10/22/08 at 3:54 AM
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  • “- Emmeline Lestrange: We're never getting off this island, Richard.
    - Richard Lestrange: Thanks to you!
    - Emmeline Lestrange: This is where we live, Richard. This is our home, now and forever.”

    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    [Tag:escape, home, islands]
  • “In my world, Casey, there were limitless oceans as far as the eye could see. Beautiful, huh? Till it started to dry out. So I escaped, came here, and I met you, all of you, and all of you were different from the others. You were lost and lonely, just like me.”
    Laura Harris - Marybeth Louise Hutchinson
    [Tag:escape, home, solitude]
  • “- Floyd: You're the biggest chicken I've ever seen.
    - Big Bird: Oh, I'm not a chicken actually. I'm a bird on the run.
    - Ruthie: Oh yeah. Floyd, he's the bird on TV who ran away.
    - Big Bird: Oh, I didn't run away. I'm going back to my real home on Sesame Street where I belong.”

    Benjamin Barrett - Floyd
    Caroll Spinney - Big Bird
    Alyson Court - Ruthie
    [Tag:courage, escape, home]
  • “- Data: I feel obliged to point out that the environmental anomalies may have stimulated certain rebellious instincts common to youth, which could affect everyone's judgment... Except mine of course.
    - Beverly: Okay Data. What do you think we should do?
    - Data: Saddle up, lock and load!”

    Brent Spiner - Data
    Gates McFadden - Beverly
  • “- Mercedès Iguanada: God has offered us a new beginning.
    - Edmond Dantes: God?
    - Mercedès Iguanada: Don't slap His hand away.
    - Edmond Dantes: Can I never escape Him?
    - Mercedès Iguanada: No, He is in everything. Even in a kiss.”

    Dagmara Dominczyk - Mercedès Iguanada
    Jim Caviezel - Edmond Dantes
    [Tag:escape, god, kiss]