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11/29/08 at 6:35 PM
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  • “You know, there are some children who aren't really children at all. They're just pillars of flame that burn everything they touch. And there are some children who are just pillars of ash, that fall apart if you touch them. Me and Victor, we were children of flame and ash.”
    Evan Adams - Thomas Builds-the-Fire
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  • “- Sailor: When I die, I want to be 'excramated' and I want my ashes sprinkled in the old briny. At least I'd be part of the sea forever, and ever.
    - Fumes: That's beautiful, man, beautiful. Like when I die, I want to go just like my daddy, boom! Peaceful, in his sleep.”

    Howard Morris - Sailor
    Teddy Wilson - Fumes
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  • “- Det. Barzak: What's this? This shit - what is it?
    - Malcolm: Actually, that's my mother.”

    Robert Carradine - Det. Barzak
    Bobby Di Cicco - Malcolm
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  • “Dust to dust, ash to ash. Let's take him downstairs and burn his ass.”

    Isaac Hayes - Aloysius
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  • “- Ellen Griswold: Clark, let's just skip the house of mud. I think Dodge City was enough fun for one day. Besides, Catherine and Eddie are expecting us.
    - Clark Griswold: It's living history Ellen. But if you'd rather see your cousins. Personally I'd rather see a pile of mud than Eddie.”

    Beverly D'Angelo - Ellen Griswold
    Chevy Chase - Clark Griswold